Words by • Armand de Swardt

I was busy taking a double meat lovers pizza and Bud Light pitcher to the face after a long day on the strand when I saw Craig. Craig rolled out of Dane Reynolds Volvo Hatchback like some wicked Gypsy child wearing all black, no shoes, black fingernail polish and what looked like at the time, painted on skinny jeans. I took a quick glance at his crew which was something along the lines of malevolent gypsies who were cackling about some model they were meeting up with later.   Long story short we shared a few beers, a few laughs,  some Afrikaans Profanity and then carried on into the Orange County night. The timeless and carefree style of Craig Anderson is an enigma. In and out of the water, he effortless out surfs anyone and looks damn good doing it. Here's 12 minutes and 11 seconds of Craig going what he calls "Mysto" in the desert.  From Crystal Clear Indonesian Walls to empty Australian lineups. ENJOY | | Film By Kai Neville.